Answering John Noble

Someone named John Noble has been interacting with me beginning here.    I have been responding to him there, but his latest comment had a number of points.  So, I thought it best to break down those points and deal with them one by one.

I’m going to copy what he wrote, put it in italics, and then respond one point at a time.

Mike you seem to contradict yourself. You want people to believe you when you have said in the beginning that you want all to believe in Jesus and not you.

John the Baptist wanted his hearers to believe in Jesus, not him.  The apostle Paul wanted his listeners to believe in Jesus, not him.  When you tell your neighbor about Jesus, you want your neighbor to believe in Jesus, not you.  Yes, people had to believe what John was saying in order to get to believe in Jesus.  Same for Paul.  Same for you.  Same for me.  We all hope to be bridges to Jesus, but He is the destination.

Don’t hold views about him just live in him to experience the kingdom within.

It is indeed possible to hold views about Jesus without experiencing His kingdom, but it is not possible to experience His kingdom without holding views about Him.  Faith is viewing Him with our hearts (“fixing our eyes on Jesus” – Hebrews 12:1-2).

You also said you were once a Pastor in that case you had an anointing for those you were pastoring but you are now saying you are just a disciple. The lord relationship with you on these are different. In the latter you have equipment for your growth and development whiles in the former you get the equipment for the commission of ,the church for which you have been anointed.

In the kingdom of God, no human being has pastoral authority over another.  The Lord is the pastor.  We are all disciples.  Yes, we each try to share what we have learned with others, especially with those who lack the knowledge we have been graced to learn.  But none of us is set over others of us.  We are all brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Jesus is more that our lord. He is God, our savior, our master, our lord, our brother, our father, our king and our life. He desires us to relate to him in all these forms.

Yes.  Amen.

The bible is the Word of God written down. But Jesus is the Word personality and we commune with him to receive the Word substance of the Spirit, which transforms us unto his likeness. I am not saying don’t read the bible but Christ said the scripture talks about him. The scripture was there when he came but they refuse and did not recognize him. The scripture is fulfilled in Jesus Christ on his coming and in him is the kingdom in all creations.

Yes, the Bible testifies of Jesus – and it is Jesus who is Lord, not the Bible.  But the Bible does not become obsolete once we recognize Jesus for who He is.  Even Jesus used the Scripture to resist the temptations of the devil after He had been filled with the Holy Spirit.

We have the Bible – which was written by prophets and apostles by the inspiration of the Spirit – and we have the Spirit, too.  Thus by two witnesses our conscience is assured of the things we learn.  The Bible is a safeguard to help us be sure that we are not misunderstanding things that the Holy Spirit is telling us.  And the Holy Spirit is a safeguard because our own minds are insufficient to assimilate all that is in the Bible and apply it to any and every situation we face.

In 2 Corinthians 13:1, Paul writes (alluding to Deuteronomy 19:15) “…EVERY FACT IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE TESTIMONY OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES.  In this age, therefore, God has given us three witnesses by which we can discern His will each day in order that we might do it: 1) the Scriptures, 2) the Holy Spirit, 3) conscience.  When they are in agreement, we have strong assurance about His will for us…and His will is always righteousness.  That is, He always wants us to do right, to do good.  We are not wise to reject any of these three witnesses.  They are all important.

By these witnesses, we actualize the lordship of Christ in our daily lives. By them, we experience and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

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