The Glory and Greatness of a Woman

The glory and greatness of a woman is not in being able to do what a man can do, but in being able to do what a man cannot.

Why then does “Women’s History Month” celebrate the sort of accomplishments that men are equally capable of achieving?

Are women and men in competition with each other?  Does either the apple or the orange have to justify itself?  Do we want apples to be more like oranges?

Can the equal worth of apples and oranges only be established if we can make an apple pie from oranges, or orange marmalade from apples?

Why is it that the quest for diversity seems to be a quest for making everything the same?  Are not apples and oranges already diverse?

Both apples and oranges are glorious…but each in its own way.

Why do American Secularists Fight Christianity but Embrace Islam?

You would think that the secularists in America would resist Islam as much as they do Christianity since secularism is opposed to religious values having currency in the public square…and both Islam and Christianity are religions.  Nevertheless, it’s far easier to find a secularist who expresses outrage at “Islamophobia” than it is to find one who is outraged about “Christophobia.”  (Do they even admit that there is such a thing as the latter?)

The explanation for the alliance between secularism and Islam can be found in what these two ideologies have in common: opposition to the lordship of Christ.

The Bible calls such a spirit “antichrist.”

(1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 1:7)

When Is the News Not News?

If all the information I had about the U.S. president was what I read and heard from our nation’s major media outlets in the last six months, I would think that our former president could do no wrong and that our current one can do no right – that our former president was a decent man, worthy of the utmost respect, and that our current president lacks decency, and is worthy of little respect and perhaps even contempt.  This is the sense I would have from major news sources.

When I reflect on what I’m being told about these two presidents, I have to ask myself, “Is it reasonable to believe that the two men are being judged objectively?  As a person keenly interested in truth, I cannot help but conclude that those who are reporting to me on the activities of these two men are not objective observers.  They are taking sides in the battle.  If the differences between the two men were as stark – as night and day different – as the news providers are suggesting, the same country could not have elected both men.

No one wants to watch a football game in which the referees make their calls based on their own personal team loyalties.  No one wants to watch baseball if the umpires are “homers” – that is, giving the benefit of every call to the home team.  It’s not edifying to keep up with current events if the selected facts are alternately emphasized or deemphasized in order to consistently favor one side of the argument.

Alas, as someone recently said, “If we don’t keep up with the news, we’re uninformed; but if we do keep up with the news, we’re misinformed.”  When is the news not news?  When those providing it to you shape it according to their biases.

Yes, I am aware that in this day and age there are alternative news sources, but that takes time that one often doesn’t have, and even when you find an alternative source you’re sometimes just exchanging one set of reporting biases for another.

The point is that we live in a mendacious world, and in an increasingly mendacious time.  If you are a person who cares about truth, be careful what information you consume and the sources from which it comes.  Better to have a little information and know that it’s true than to have a lot of information that suppresses and distorts truth.

This is just one more reason I love the Bible: it is…good…news…that is 100% reliable.

The Women’s March

I’ve been reflecting on the “women’s march,” held Saturday primarily in Washington D.C., but in other cities as well.  It’s not so much that I’ve chosen to reflect on this march; it’s just that the sights and sounds of it won’t go away.

I have found these sights and sounds quite disturbing.  By “sights and sounds,” I mean the snapshots and video clips that have been plastered across so many media outlets.  Disturbing enough on their own, they are made even more disturbing by the fact that so many children were brought to the event, and that so many other children have been exposed to its images and speeches as I have been.

How do children mentally process such an event?  What do they think of the strange hats so many of the participants were wearing?  Who is explaining to the children what those hats represent?  What do the children think of the foul language used by so many of the speakers?  Are children familiar with these words?  And what do the children think of the tone in which most of the speakers addressed the crowd?  Are children comforted by the sort of bitter invective and taunting mockery that spewed from the microphones?

Apparently, there were anti-abortion women’s organizations who wanted to help sponsor the march, but the pro-abortion women’s organizations would not let them.  Thus the march’s focus on women’s rights stopped at a woman’s womb.  Only after a female escapes her mother’s womb will she have any rights.  Until then, she’d better watch out.  (Only she can’t watch out because she’s completely defenseless.)

I have heard repeatedly from supporters of this march that it was about the protection of women’s rights, but I have to conclude that it was just as much about the destruction of children’s rights.  These include the right of a child to be protected from profane and vulgar speech, the right to be shielded from discussion of sexual matters until an appropriate age, and even the right to be born once he or she has been conceived.

Thus the march was more anti-children than it was pro-women.

And while I don’t excuse the crude and vile speeches, signs, and props used by the women at this event, I grieve deeply for the sins of men who, instead of being proper fathers and husbands, have so mistreated women in the past that some of them have been driven to such displays of anger and bitterness in the present.

May God forgive our sins and grant us repentance.