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Some ideas require more than a blog post to properly convey.  For such ideas, essays and even books are useful mechanisms.  Since I am not interested in selling books (see my brief bio for a little more explanation), even these longer writings are placed on my blog sites in their complete form.

Below are the books, essays, and other long-than-a-blog-post writings available on my blog sites.  (Regarding the word counts, dividing by 250 will give you a rough approximation of how many pages in a book that number of words would produce.)



I’ve put all the information about my books here.


Essays on the Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven – (This series of 21 essays was originally written as book chapters and can be considered a sequel to The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven; these essays can be read individually and out of order but provide more meaning if read in order; in total they amount to just over 33,500 words, with an average length about 1,600 words for each essay/chapter; the actual word count of each is given below)


Some posts are written as part of a series, such that together they make known an integrated theme which can be found in the Scriptures.


A Review of Thom Stark’s The Human Faces of God – (just over 19,000 words in all; the title is self-explanatory; there is a separate installment for each of his ten chapters, plus an introduction and a conclusion – that is, 12 segments with an average word count of about 1,600 words for each)

All other book reviews I have written are one-post in length and can be found among those here or by clicking on the “Book Reviews” category in the column on the right-hand side of the page.  (Either click produces the same result.)  Note that I have only authored a few of these many book reviews.

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