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Timothy Michael Law blogs about his book which is due out next year from Oxford University Press:  When God Spoke Greek.

Here’s an excerpt of the blog post which is an excerpt from the book, which he is still tweaking.

The liturgy was an indispensable conduit for the flow of biblical thought into the early Church, and was the means by which most encountered the Bible. The lessons, sermons, prayers, and rites were fashioned on models from the Jewish synagogue, and gatherings were far more numerous than that with which the modern worshiper would feel comfortable.

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The Old Testament of the Early Church | timothymichaellaw

Timothy Michael Law writes in anticipation of Ed Gallagher’s upcoming Hebrew Scripture in Patristic Biblical Theory: Canon, Language, Text, due to be published next month.

Here’s an excerpt where Law describes his current thinking, pending reading of Gallagher’s book:

Canon lists drawn up by a few early Christian writers are no sure guide to establishing what was universally held as ‘scripture ‘in the early Church. There are only a few such lists to begin with, and they are not in any way representative of any kind of authoritative tradition. The stark reality is this: there was no universally recognized Old Testament canon in the early Church, and indeed the diversity persists well into the medieval period. To be sure, there was a core. I like how Michael Holmes says it: there was a ‘central core, a variable fringe, and differences in arrangement.’

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New Blog Series: 10 Common Misconceptions About the NT Canon | Canon Fodder

From New Testament scholar Michael J. Kruger:

Over the next month or so I plan to write a new blog series on 10 common misconceptions (or misunderstandings) about the origins and development of the NT Canon.   These are misconceptions that are not only held by the average layman, but are often shared by those in the academic community as well.

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