Craig Evans on New Testament Issues – YouTube

Evans decries Jesus mythicism, alleged Vatican conspiracies, and other nonhistorical and nonscholarly theories abounding in our current culture.


In this clip, Evans points out that none of the Dead Sea Scrolls mention Jesus or John the Baptist.  Yet they are nonetheless very helpful for understanding Jesus and His times.

J. Warner Wallace Lectures on the Evidence for Christianity – YouTube video

YouTube description:

Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace, and author of Cold-Case Christianity, presented this lecture via Skype at Reasonable Faith Belfast on Monday, 3rd December 2012. He talks about the nature of evidence, possibility and reason, the chain of custody for the New Testament documents, and much more. The lecture is about an hour (with great visuals), followed by about 30 minutes of Q&A.

via J. Warner Wallace Lectures on the Evidence for Christianity – YouTube (1:45:41).

Jim Wallace is an L.A. County homicide detective and former atheist who brings his investigative techniques to his study of Christ and the Scriptures.

  • 00:00 to 3:45 – Jim tells the story of his involvement in law enforcement
  • 3:45 to 4:55 – Jim describes his web sites (including
  • 4:55 to 7:25 – Wallace explains that his cold case methodology applies to Christianity
  • 7:25 to 10:20 – Distinguishing between what is possible and what is reasonable.
  • 10:20 to 22:55  – Distinguishing circumstantial evidence from direct evidence.
  • 22:55 to 22:45 – Why it’s important to test witnesses (four tests)
  • 25:45 to 35:09 – Were the Gospel witnesses present?  (dating of the Gospels)
  • 35:09 to 45:27 – Can the Gospel witnesses be verified? (archaeology and pagan history)
  • 45:27 to 49:00 – Are the Gospel witnesses accurate?
  • 49:00 to 55:18 – The “chain of custody” for New Testament documents.
  • 55:18 to 59:35 – What about the variations in the many copies of the NT documents?
  • 59:35 to 102:34 – Are the Gospel witnesses biased?  (Greed?  Lust?  Power?)
  • 102:34 to 105:18 – Are the Gospel witnesses disqualified because they weren’t neutral?
  • 105:18 to 107:10 – Summing up the evidence for Jesus.
  • 107:10 to 107:37 – Reference to Wallace’s book Cold-Case Christianity.
  • 107:37 to 144:40 – Q & A
  • 144:40 to 145:41 – Closing remarks, incl. mention of Brian Auten (Apologetics 315)

NT Blog: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: The Story is Moving Fast! (Mark Goodacre)

The internet age really has changed the way that news stories like this develop, for good and for bad.  It’s only 48 hours since I last had a moment to blog about The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and in that time, the story has developed at a dramatic pace, with news outlets all over the world publishing stories on the find, with scholars attempting to analyze the new find, and the bloggers trying like mad to keep up with everything that is going on.

via NT Blog: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: The Story is Moving Fast! (Mark Goodacre)

Quick Thoughts on the New Jesus Wife Text | Blogs (Darrell Bock)

What is more, in Gnostic Christianity, there was a rite called the bridal chamber in which the church was seen as the bride of Christ. The whole thing could well be metaphorical with a disciple representing the place of the church. If that is the case, then it is not even a claim that Jesus was married in real life to a single person.

via Quick Thoughts on the New Jesus Wife Text | Blogs.

If Jesus was married does it matter? Darrell Bock weighs in | Near Emmaus

– In “Quick Thoughts on the New Jesus Wife Text” Darrell L. Bock interprets the silence a little differently than Karen King and some others. He writes:

“Dr. King is careful also to say this text likely tells us nothing about the real Jesus.

“Her claim the NT is silent about Jesus’ marital status is technically correct, but it may well be because there was nothing to say. Everyone knew he was single. The fact there is no wife present at his death may speak volumes. If Jesus had been married, there would be no need to hide the fact. Nothing in the earliest church tradition points to his being married.”

via If Jesus was married does it matter? | Near Emmaus.