Professor battles bible illiteracy with new website

Here’s how the article begins:

“Sing it, see it, study it,” is the key to Bible professor Kenneth Berding’s new program “Bible Fluency,” designed to combat biblical illiteracy. The website launched on Sept. 28 and received about 6,000 views as of Oct. 24.

Throughout Berding’s 13-year career at Biola, he has seen incoming students’ amount of biblical knowledge trending downward. Biblical illiteracy is a hot button issue at the forefront of church discussion, Berding said.

“We’re complaining all the time about biblical illiteracy,” Berding said, “and it’s a real problem, as serious as they’ll come. 150 years ago, people knew about the Bible. Now, they don’t. I decided to do something about it.”

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Professor battles bible illiteracy with online program « The Chimes | Biola University.

My Last Post on Father Barron’s YouTube Channel

Mike Gantt

Mike Gantt 59 minutes ago

Although Father Barron has not asked me to cease posting here, enough of you have that I feel compelled to oblige. Therefore, I’ve unsubscribed from this channel and won’t be visiting this site anymore.

In closing, I remind you that His kingdom, not church, is the means of His rule and grace in our age, and thus it is to Him we must constantly be turned if we would have His countenance to shine upon us. Let us all repent of all sin and live with purified hearts in His presence.

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[Editorial note, October 15, 2016:  This post used to include a link back to this exchange on Father Barron’s YouTube site so that you could see my comment in that context if you wanted.  However, that link no longer works, and I don’t know why.  Something changed on his end.  It appears that he, or someone else there, has removed the entire dialogue.]

There Are Seekers of Christ Today Who Know that Church Is Not the Answer

For proof that there are seekers of Christ today who know that church is not the answer, see this post, The Church of Many Buildings, from the Till He Comes blog by Jeremy Myers.  Be sure also to see the comment by Karl dated June 23.

People know there is something not right about church today, and they are searching for the way to the truth.  It is Christ Himself.

Just changing the form of church won’t work (House Churches Are Not a Solution).  Seek our Lord Jesus Christ!  (Repent, and follow Jesus Christ our Lord!)

Steve Hays of Triablogue Gives Weak Rebuttal

Steve Hays, writing for the blog Triablogue, has posted Does Everybody Get His Wings?  This is his rebuttal to my post Everyone Is Going to Heaven.

If you are familiar with the traditional heaven-or-hell scenario for human afterlife, you will recognize that this is the position that Steve holds.  Thus, he makes all the standard objections you’ve heard to everyone going to heaven.  In so doing, Steve relies largely on theological reference books to support his case.  By contrast, I’ve tried to write in such a way that a common-sense person can read the Bible and make up his or her own mind about the subject.

Steve apparently has ignored The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven, which is the book-length treatment which substantiates my post.  Thus, Steve has only addressed the overview of the biblical case and not the case itself.  Since I deal in the book with all the objections he makes, I see no reason to go into them again here.  Steve’s rebuttal might have been stronger had he 1) dealt with the book itself and not just the overview, 2) had he not invoked academic texts unavailable to most readers, or 3) offered more logical and fewer technical objections.  Nonetheless, I commend him for at least addressing the overview post.

When you read Steve’s post it’s apparent that he’s well-educated and a good writer.  However, the logic he offers on the subject of hell is the standard, “Look, you should just trust the traditional view because you don’t have enough theological education to question the experts.”  Never forget, however, that hearing the word of God and doing it – not theological studies – leads to the greatest knowledge and understanding of God.