How crazy must someone become before we’re willing to point out the craziness? (video)

College used to be a place where young people were taught how to reason.  Today it seems to be a place where they are taught how to avoid reason.

This video (4 min, 13 sec) comes from an organization with which I am not familiar:  The Family Policy Institute of Washington (state).  The video, however, speaks for itself.  It shows young people so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.  Alas, it was the previous generation, through the college faculty, who taught the young people to think this crazy way (if it can even be called “thinking”).

Watch college students demonstrate their reluctance to tell a 5’9″ white man that he’s not a seven-year-old 6’5″ Chinese female.  They don’t even show a desire to discourage him from entering the first grade.  Madness!

How crazy does someone have to be before we are willing to encourage them to seek help?  Alas, large portions of society now think this way.  Are we going to let peer pressure cause us to join them…or are we going to resist the urge to jettison sanity?

Why Are We Surprised at This Presidential Election Cycle?

Many American political observers have taken to describing the current presidential campaign as “the most improbable political season of our lifetimes”  – or something to that effect.  Even the most-respected experts seem “surprised,” “perplexed,” or “shocked” at the strange and unprecedented happenings in both political parties.

But why?  Did we think that in the wake of normalizing same-sex “marriage” – and stigmatizing anyone who disagrees – that we would see this same nation conduct itself reasonably and thoughtfully in the matter of selecting its next leader?

A nation weird enough to discard the definition of marriage held by all nations since the dawn of history is going to display its weirdness in other matters as well.

Why are the nations in an uproar
And the peoples devising a vain thing?
–  Psalm 2:1

Bruce and Barronelle

So, Bruce Springsteen declines to give a concert for people with whom he conscientiously disagrees on a matter of principle important to him and he is praised, while Barronelle Stutzman declines to provide flowers for people with whom she conscientiously disagrees on a matter of principle important to her and she is stigmatized.  This is a classic case of a double standard being applied.

If the state of North Carolina were to treat Bruce’s decision the way the state of Washington is treating Barronelle’s decision it would fine him more money than he is able to pay until he agrees to perform concerts on demand for people who find his sincerely-held belief bigoted and discriminatory.

A world in which Bruce Springsteen is a hero and Barronelle Stutzman is a villain is a world turned upside down.

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

While hanging on the cross in agony, Jesus said:

…”Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”…
–  Luke 23:24

Jesus has thus left us an example to follow.  In our suffering for the sake of righteousness, we must likewise say, “Father, grant them forgiveness for they are unaware of what they are actually doing.”

Surely modern American society does not know what it is doing when it says to the man who wants to change his sexual desires, “No, no, you cannot!,” but when he says he wants to change the fact that he’s a man, “Yes, yes, you can!”  They might as well be telling that man that he cannot walk, but he can fly.

And surely American society does not know what it is doing when it says to parents, “Your children must share public bathrooms with adults who are cross-dressing, and perhaps even mutilating their bodies, in a vain attempt to deny what is obviously true about themselves.”  They are even consigning their own children to such unsettling experiences.  Are the desires of men so critically important that the protection of women and children must be forfeited?

Modern culture defines calls for “religious liberty” as coded language for bigotry and discrimination.  The majority of our fellow citizens see Judeo-Christian marriage values as “discrimination” against same-sex couples.  Yet they themselves discriminate between same-sex couples and same-sex trios.  They themselves discriminate between a man who wants to marry a man and a man who wants to marry a cow.  They themselves discriminate between a woman who wants to marry a woman and a woman who wants to marry herself.  How can secularists grant themselves the right to discriminate between one kind of marriage and another, yet allow no one who disagrees with them to do the same?  They are blinded to their own folly and hypocrisy.

Let us not curse morally insane neighbors; rather, let us pray for them (“Father, forgive them for…).  And do all we can to protect our children from the folly of a world gone mad.  If we do these things faithfully, God will grant us favor and be for us and our children a refuge.  Surely, He will!

The Insanity of the Secular Mind

Contrast, if you will, two different perspectives on the recent “bathroom bill” passed by the North Carolina legislature (“HB2”).

The first is from North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, as seen and heard in this video clip (4 min, 8 sec):

The second is from North Carolina CEO Bob Page in this statement to his customers, from which this is an excerpt:

Today, I take the unusual step of sending you a personal message. Perhaps you, like millions of others, have heard that North Carolina’s recent passage of House Bill 2 – which has been called the worst anti-LGBT bill in the United States – has provoked an outpouring of public concern. Among other things, HB2 bars cities, towns, and counties from prohibiting discrimination of any kind and makes clear that LGBT people may legally be singled out for unfair treatment in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.  [emphasis added]

Really?  This is the “worst”?

As best I can tell, this inappropriately-hysterical perspective of Bob Page is winning the public relations battle so far.  Otherwise normal people are said to be sharing his letter on FaceBook.  The common sense promoted by North Carolina’s governor in the video seems to be losing out to the hysteria.

The secular mind now thinks there is something terribly wrong with wanting to protect, say, an eight-year-old girl from being confronted with sight that no occupant of the ladies’ room, regardless of age, should have to see.

The secular mind has lost its mind.

The Moral Majority Has Become the Immoral Majority

Georgia has failed to pass even a watered-down religious liberty bill, after Indiana and Arkansas had similar failures last year.  What Jerry Falwell used to call the Moral Majority has been replaced by the Immoral Majority, and this new majority is content with nothing but total victory in every encounter.  Compromise is neither necessary nor desirable to the champions of the Sexual Revolution.

The Woodstock Generation has a firm grasp on the levers of power and thereby 1960’s hippie values are prevailing in every corner of the public square.  Winning state elections, governorships, and legislatures does no good when the Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal government can override everything that is done at the state and local levels.

Big Business put the squeeze on Georgia governor Nathan Deal because it is deathly afraid of the sexual revolution’s political lobbies in the same way they’re afraid of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Lawsuits and negative publicity are the weapons of choice arrayed against Big Business by these respective lobbying cartels.  By contrast, Christians are just not vindictive and Machiavellian enough to succeed on such battlefields.  Only the race hustlers can “absolve a big corporation from the sin of being a racist” and only the LGBTQ lobby can “absolve a big corporation from the sin of being a bigot.”  Thus Georgia’s governor capitulated to the enemies of religious liberty without even a fight.

Of what interest is religious liberty to an irreligious nation?  No one cares about bakers, photographers, and florists having to do weddings that mock Judeo-Christian marriage ethics (not to mention the marriage ethics of almost every other civilization that has ever existed).  Why?  Because they are not a big voting bloc and don’t have a well-financed lobbying arm.

Being “on the right side of history” is just a very pretentious way of saying, “My point of view is trending is more than yours.”  It’s also a clever way of avoiding the responsibility of having to give reasons that justify a point of view.  Saying one is “on the right side of history” is intended to end discussion, not participate in it.

Yes, these days immorality is trending much more than morality.  The problem for the Immoral Majority is that history will ultimately render a verdict very different from the one they are expecting.

(4-minute read; 817 words)

Source: Georgia Religious-Freedom Bill Vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal, a Weak Weathervane

See also:  The Moral Majority Has Become the Moral Minority

The Only Vote That Counts

Further to the point of my post earlier today (Why Are Our Political Choices Inadequate and Apalling?), the Donald Trump phenomenon tells us that there are fewer truly-committed Christians and fewer true Constitutional conservatives in the Republican party than we thought there were.  They are nowhere near a majority of Republicans, much less a majority of Americans.  And the Bernie Sanders phenomenon tells us that a substantial portion of Democrats are even farther away from America’s founding principles of government than we thought they were.  That is, there are many Democrats nowhere near us in their thinking.  There’s no denying that we’ve been awakened to some very unpleasant reality.

The vast majority of our fellow citizens disagree with us about the importance of Christ.  They view our devotion to Him as unwarranted or excessive.  We are to them, culturally speaking, Amish.  And that is their most benign conception of us.  We are not mainstream to their fringe; we are fringe to their mainstream.

In short, the number of God-fearing Americans is a small and shrinking number.  Nevertheless, we have every reason to hope because all we need is one person to be for us…if it is the right person: that is, the Person who is above all persons.  We have His word in writing that He is for those who are for Him.  In that assurance let us live boldly for His name.

…the LORD is with you when you are with Him…
–  2 Chronicles 15:2

The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
What can man do to me?
–  Psalm 118:6

Our love for Him is demonstrated the more we do what is right in the midst of a society who thinks we’re foolish to think that way.  His vote is the one that matters most to us.

Why Are Our Political Choices Inadequate and Apalling?

Speaking of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, economist and political observer Thomas Sowell says in his most recent column, “[T]he front-runners in both political parties are not merely inadequate but appalling.”  Sad to say for America’s sake, Sowell’s description is fair and apt for both individuals.  How is it that the United States of America appears headed to have as its next president someone – in either case – for whom the words “inadequate” and “appalling” are appropriate characterizations?  The short answer is that we have been given the leaders we deserve – they are a reflection of the lostness of our national soul.

A nation that supports through its laws and its popular culture abortion-on-demand, divorce-on-demand, and practically every other aspect of the sexual revolution over against the long-standing Judeo-Christian ethic of marriage and family cannot be expected to produce political candidates of admirable character.  “Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs?” (James 3:12)

The “shining city on a hill” that was America has become a darkened ruins.  Light arises for the lovers of God in a realm other than the political one.

Do not trust in princes,
In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.
His spirit departs, he returns to the earth;
In that very day his thoughts perish.
How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
Whose hope is in the LORD his God,
Who made heaven and earth,
The sea and all that is in them;
Who keeps faith forever;
Who executes justice for the oppressed;
Who gives food to the hungry.
The LORD sets the prisoners free.
–  Psalm 146:3-7

Keep Jesus as Lord in your hearts so that you and your children can walk through the darkened ruins with abundant light on your path.  He will not forsake you…ever.

“Religious Liberty”…or…”Special Privileges”?

Re:  The Unsurprising Twilight of Religious Liberty in America

As if on cue in response to my post earlier today, Newsweek has published an opinion piece titled IS RELIGION AN EXCUSE FOR BREAKING THE LAW? in which the author, a college law professor, begins by saying this:

Can religious believers give themselves a free pass to ignore laws that bind everyone else? Common sense and the Constitution say no.  Yet religious institutions are now maintaining that they alone may judge whether their religious exercise is “substantially burdened” and thus entitled to special privileges under the law…

Thus what we would consider to be a matter of “religious liberty” is considered by others to be “special privileges under the law.”

Know this:  Religious liberty, as we have historically understood it in America, stands little chance of survival in this environment.  Therefore, we must be prepared to pay a price for the exercise of our religion.  The good news for us is that Jesus is worth whatever price we are called upon to pay.  And remember that He told His disciples:

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.
–  Matthew 10:16