Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and The Ruth Institute

I’ve referred to Jennifer Roback Morse before (herehere, and here).   (Hovering your cursor over each of those hyperlinks will give you the title of each post to help you know whether you want to click on them or not.)   I mentioned her because I was impressed with her intellect, her attitude, and her passion.  Ah, but there’s much more to her.

Yesterday, I had occasion to hear three podcasts of hers:

  • The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims  January 13, 2014
  • The Sexual Revolution: A Totalitarian Ideology January 14, 2014
  • What Is to Be Done? January 15, 2014

Here is Dr. Morse’s podcast page where these and other podcast episodes can be found.

These three podcasts are live recordings of her address to a Calvary Chapel group in Petaluma, California.  She was tentative but hopeful in her appeal to them.  Through these podcasts I saw some different facets of Jennifer the person.  She is a Roman Catholic who was speaking to a group of evangelicals.  She revealed aspects of her personal life and of her faith that enlarged my view of her.  She also gave her typical devastating critique of the sexual revolution, which could substitute well for all the sex education that goes on in schools today.  She also talks about The Ruth Institute, an organization she founded in 2008; and includes some explanation of a tactical change in the battle her organization is waging for marriage.

All in all, it was a powerful and poignant experience to listen to this courageous woman.  She’s been targeted by homosexual lobby groups.  (It’s interesting that many of the Morse quotes they list do not even seem controversial to me, but the folks there obviously take great issue with them.)

I thank God for this woman and the work and others are doing to hold up the standard of righteousness in marriage that a decaying nation is fighting at every turn.  May the sparks she is throwing off ignite a fire in the hearts and minds of righteous souls living in the midst of an unrighteous culture.

Check out The Ruth Institute and pass on their information to anyone you think could benefit from their message.