How Churchianity Robs the Poor

The following statistics come from an Amazon book review of The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns, CEO of WorldVision, a large humanitarian relief organization.

* The total annual income of American churchgoers: $5.2 trillion
* Amount available if each of them gave 10% of their salary: $520 billion
* Estimated annual cost to eliminate extreme poverty in the world: $65 billion
* Annual cost for universal primary education for ALL children in the world: $6 billion
* Annual cost to bring clean water to most of the world: $9 billion
* Annual cost to bring basic health and nutrition for the world: $13 billion
* Total to eradicate the world’s greatest problems: $93 billion (1.8% of American Christian’s income)

Jesus never asked that people give money to support the church; He did ask that people give to support the poor.  Therefore, all the church buildings you see represent a diversion of funds from the poor.  This is how churchianity robs the poor.

Of course, as the review states, churchgoers don’t actually give ten percent.  It’s more like two percent.  But, as you can see from the stats above, that would still be enough to eradicate the greatest problems of the world’s poor.