The Apostles Were Looking for Something More Permanent Than What They Were Building

The apostles of Jesus Christ built up the church in New Testament days.  However, they were doing so anticipating the arrival of something more permanent very soon.

The letter to the Hebrews only counseled assembling together (that is, church) in view of preparing for the impending day of eternity (Hebrews 10:25).

The apostle Peter wrote about how to prepare for the impending eternal kingdom which would replace the temporal kingdom that was the church (2 Peter 1:11).

That eternal kingdom came, just as the Lord had promised.

Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again

The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now

Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church

Why the Church Disappoints

The church disappoints because it only pays lip service to Christ.  Meanwhile, its actual purpose is to preserve itself and grow.  When people come to church to find God, they are eventually disappointed as they realize the church’s actual purpose.  At that point they usually start looking for another church…but the process will lead to the same result at another church.  Some people finally recognize the futility of this pursuit, lower their expectations, and stick with their disappointing church.  Others recognize the futility and quit going to church altogether.

However, avoiding church will do you no more good than attending it.  What matters is that you seek Jesus Christ our Lord.  If you do, and if you stick to that pursuit, you will not be disappointed.

Church Is Not the Answer; Christ Is

Maybe There’s a Way to Follow Christ Without Being a Christian

“The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle.  That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”  – Brennan Manning (a Christian)

Maybe Manning should figure out a way to follow Christ without being a Christian.  That is, he could dispense with church and give all his devotion to Jesus.  This is not only possible – it’s desirable from God’s point of view.  See the Overview of A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

See also Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church.

Jesus is Lord.  He is everywhere…all the time.  We should stop acting as if this were not true.

Why Have the Saints of Jesus Turned Away from Him and toward Each Other?

Those who would follow Christ are now following each other.  And it is leading them in circles – which is the same pattern that the ancient Israelites followed as they wandered through the desert having put off living in the promised land.

Forsake trust in humanity and pursue trust in the invisible God (Jeremiah 17:5-8).  If you have accepted Jesus, do not reject Him now by attending church instead of attending Him.  Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness!  (Matthew 6:33)

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Have You Accepted the Church as Your Corporate Lord and Savior?

For more on following Jesus instead of church, see the blog A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Have You Accepted the Church as Your Corporate Lord and Savior?

Have you accepted the church as your corporate Lord and Savior?  I hope not.  Rather, I hope you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

The evangelical movement began in Jesus but has devolved into church.  Read the previous post on this subject.

For some reason, the saints of Jesus have turned away from Him and toward each other for salvation.  Let us rather return to the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls (1 Peter 2:25) and forsake human shepherds.

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The Evangelical Movement Has Forgotten About Jesus

I am a child of the evangelical movement.  I believed in Jesus after someone confessed to me, “I have accepted Jesus Christ has my personal Lord and Savior.”  I examined the claims reading the Bible and acknowledged Him myself.

Nevertheless, the evangelical movement has strayed far from this simple and powerful message.  The message has been corrupted into “I have accepted the church as my corporate Lord and Savior.”  This is a sad state of affairs.  Let us return to Him from whom we have deeply defected (Isaiah 31:6).

Read A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Faith in Christ Is Preferable to Christianity

Faith is Christ in preferable to any religion (even Christianity).  If you trust Christ, He will know it.  If you find that you need affirmation from any other human being that you have successfully trusted Christ, you have not yet trusted Him (Romans 14:22).  This is why so many churchgoers have so little faith in Christ.  They are looking to each other instead of to Him.

The Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Church?

Jesus preached “the kingdom of God,” but today’s church practices “the kingdom of church.”

If the church is seeking the kingdom of God, why does it practice the kingdom of church?

Look at all the money and time that people donate to the church.  To what purpose are these resources given?  To the growth and maintenance of church.  That’s why I say the church is seeking the kingdom of church instead of the kingdom of God.

If the church were truly giving itself to Jesus Christ, it would lose itself in that service (Matthew 16:25).

Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church

There Are Seekers of Christ Today Who Know that Church Is Not the Answer

For proof that there are seekers of Christ today who know that church is not the answer, see this post, The Church of Many Buildings, from the Till He Comes blog by Jeremy Myers.  Be sure also to see the comment by Karl dated June 23.

People know there is something not right about church today, and they are searching for the way to the truth.  It is Christ Himself.

Just changing the form of church won’t work (House Churches Are Not a Solution).  Seek our Lord Jesus Christ!  (Repent, and follow Jesus Christ our Lord!)

“In Christ Alone” – Christian Song

If the battle cry is “In Christ Alone” why do Christians practice “In Christ plus Church” instead?  In fact, many of them seem to practice “In Church Alone.”  Nevertheless, the truth is…”In Christ Alone!”

And when we fall away from that great truth let us return to it.  In fact, let us return to it as often as we fall from it, until we stop falling from it.


For more on seeking Christ alone, see A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.