An Open Letter to Frank Turk and TeamPyro

[Note:  Frank Turk is an author at the blog Pyromaniacs.  Dan Phillips and Phil Johnson also write for this blog.  Collectively, the three are called TeamPyro.]

Dear Frank,

I won’t be reading or commenting on your blog anymore.  You’ve deleted the last three or four comments I’ve made on posts there, though there was nothing offensive in what I said.  In fact, one comment was a simple affirmation and expression of appreciation for the  post.  It appears you have decided that you don’t want me to have any voice there at all.

You and I interacted a previous post of yours which I have written about elsewhere.  You took issue with my views on church and became quite hostile.  Your final comment to me on that post was to invite me to debate on your debate blog.  I subsequently interacted with you by e-mail, but your hostility only increased.  Your claims to be acting in the spirit of Christ are hollow, because He does not act in the way you have.

I would have been happy to present all my views for your scrutiny and debate.  If I am wrong in the teaching I have derived from the Bible, I want to know that more than anyone else wants me to know it.  But you were derisive in your manner to me and unwilling to work together to find a way to work out a debate.

I can’t keep wasting the Lord’s time by commenting on your blog when you delete my comments.  If I really am wrong about the Lord as you say, you should not be afraid to demonstrate that to people by our interaction.

I am sad to have to stop reading and commenting on your blog.  If you want to interact with me, you can find me here.  You will not be finding me there.

To Him to reigns over all and judges us all,