“Sing to the Lord” – Chorus

Sing to the Lord is taken from Psalm 100 and found on the mid-1980’s album Psalms Alive! II from Maranatha! Music.


“I Take My Refuge” – Chorus

This chorus is taken from Psalms Alive! III, released in 1986 by Maranatha! Music.  It is based on Psalm 11.  I love to hear them belt out the antiphonal line “I take my refuge!”  That’s just how strongly we should feel about the wondrous shelter we find in our Lord Jesus Christ!


“In the Morning” – Chorus

Another selection from the Psalms Alive! collection from Maranatha! Music, first released in 1982.  This chorus is based on Psalm 143.


“I Was Glad” – Chorus

This chorus was part of the Psalms Alive! series from Maranatha! Music.  It was originally released in 1984.  It is based on Psalm 122.


“To Every Generation” – Chorus

“To Every Generation” (inspired by Psalm 90) comes from the Psalms Alive! collection by Maranatha! Music.  This song was originally released in 1986.

The opening line is, “You have been a shelter, Lord, to every generation, to every generation; a sanctuary from the storm, to every generation, to every generation, Lord.”